Smithereens EP

by Smithereens

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Benjamin Crookes
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Benjamin Crookes Listening to Smithereens is like getting dragged into the salty brine of an angry, frothing sea by a mighty kraken to be taken to an under water citadel called Party Town in which you party in ways you didn't even think possible.
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released October 13, 2012

Will Roberts - Guitar/Vocals
Ian Swift - Bass/Vocals
Sam Dougherty - Drums

All songs written by Smithereens
Recorded and mixed by Chris Walker @
Logo/Cover design



all rights reserved


Smithereens Sheffield, UK

Smithereens are Ian, Will, Sam, Godzilla, Van Damme, Crown Lager and Red Wine


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Track Name: Vomcano
Mistook for dancing you're just shaking while you stand behind him
Fed up on little more than scraps and asked to take it gladly
Count all your fingers and your toes you'll count the same as I do
Hold out your hands and close your eyes, you had to, you just had to

You're like the victim I never had
Oh the humanity
So near the bone
Get in, get out, let down
You're like the victim I never had

Fall quiet and hide in the corner, run for the border, run for the border
Keep away from the windows, stand back, and further and further
Miss all the meaning in my words you'll never learn your lines
I never laid a hand on you though you held onto mine
Track Name: SHARK!
Oh honey did you hear that sound out there?
I'm not mad
I heard it
I'm not mad
I wanna go home
I think I saw a shape out there
In the water
In the moonlight
It saw us
I'm scared and
I wanna go home
My god there's pixelated people in the corners of my eyes

I'm not getting eaten
I sleep with a blunderbuss under my bed
Track Name: Milk Party
Feeling Like a Billboard
Looking for a sign
Thinking that I like your trainers
Hoping that you notice mine
Do you really want to get left out?
Being slightly Peurile
Speaking slightly French
Building up on expectation
Since you're mounting no defence
Do you really want to get left out?

I want to
Can't have you
Rob Peter
Pay Paul

Walking on a tightrope
Listening to sighs
Analysing gas for language
Trying hard to read your eyes
Do you really want to get let down?
Now you're looking angry
Now you're looking cold
Covering my dignity and finding nothing there at all to hold
Do you really want to get let down?
Track Name: Godzilla
You have everything to shout about but nothing much to say
Turns out promise doesn't constitute a contract anyway
Arms like tree trunks, barrel chested, spitting fire and throwing cars
So far from perfect when all is said and done
Still 200ft tall in the eyes of your son

I am so disappointed

You have thicker hide than kevlar I know nothing's getting through
But from time to time you stagger and it's me left holding you
Where was Jean Reno when everything was tearing at the seams